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Monocs is the website i made base on Joomla CMS ( Content Management System ) + Virtual Mart online shopping cart solution. This website is owned by one of my friend who is a professional graphic designer and a photographer. He always has a lot of unique ideas and creates many specially different styles for himself. Because of this knowledge of the online business procedures he picked up all the product uplaoding, sales processing and payment handling skills very fast.  All of the product pictures were taken by him. He also invites a friend of his to be his clothes model. He makes his hobby as his job.

About Monocs

We have unique and the best sense of fashion, you will never know BLACK and WHITE could have so much possibilities. You can find all trendy and fun clothing from our online wardrobe. Browse through our items on  www.monocs.com!

Monocs, an online wardrobe in matching every BLACK and WHITE color clothing into trendy fashion that you could never imagine.

Girls and Boys, say a style you want to be and browse through my page. Either casual, sassy, sexy, classy or a special day for your date, shopping day, picnic, family day or party! Monocs has everything for you.

Feel free to visit their website and fecabook for the latest product information.

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