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Fraud & Dispute Prevention

There are so much of reason in refund & dispute in online business. So you should know the way to prevent those case happen for you.

Term & condition.
Most the online seller is just copy paste the term & condition form other website. There are no understand this is important to help them incase the dispute is happen 

Shipment & Deliver
Yes. There is always cheaper deliver you can found. But quality of the service is effective to improve your shipment time and document handling.  Low cost shipment is always problem when you wish to trace back your item shipment history or document to prove item is deliver
\     if you feel there are unusual order you received. Please don’t ship the item directly. Spend some time to verify the information you have is must more useful to help you prevent a fraud payment.
      Cash Terms for bulk order
Please remember. Most the time you won’t get bulk order for normal online store. Unless your only target disputer client in your online store. So if you received a large order via online payment. Advices your offer a discount price but is cash term business deal. You have secure cash payment and your customer get lower cost base on your special offer.

How to do a verification
if you are get the payment form online payment. You are advices to do a verification when you received the order with payment .

Paypal – check the order deliver address is match with paypal register address or not? In paypal policy. Paypal is not protect seller if the shipment address is different as paypal payment account register address.  This is really useful verification you can do

iPay88 – Malaysia online payment gateway solution. You can send a email to support@ipay88.com.my to request payment verification action form the support team. Ipay88 is able to request bank double confirm with card owner for the transaction. But the respond time  is subject by different card issue bank.

3D secure payment
In Malaysia already launch a service call Online Transaction Pin ( OTP or TAC )  or some people will call it 3D secure code.  Most the Malaysia local bank ( some oversea bank also include ) will send a online pin number to card owner register mobile number Immediately. Card Owner is require to key in the actual pin number to verify & approve for the Online Transaction. Means the transaction only approve by bank if the pin number is match by the SMS. Is this way.  Seller is able to reduce 95% of the unauthorized payment form the fraud card. But there is still have fraud card happen form oversea client. So seller have to decide the risk base on their product.  If there is a highrisk  product related. My advices is ONLY accept credit card with Online Transaction Pin ( OTP or TAC )

FPX ( Financial Process Exchange )
This is online bank account transfer process within 6 of the selected bank.  In this payment is consider most secure payment for the seller. Because there is not dispute & refund protection policy yet. Is just a electronic online fun transfer service. But of cause. Buyer is still able to report to bank or policy case if your are cheated them. But is different story like credit card dispute case.  For the FPX payment. You are able to get the real time notice form bank for the transaction. But the real amount will go to your register account within 3 working

Cash Deal
Well. Back to the End . Cash deal is always the more secure payment.  You are asking your client make the transfer to your account. Is look same as FPX but small different is you only able to view the amount in same day if buyer and seller is same bank. Or 3 working day if different bank  payment (GIRO) . so this payment type is most secure but will effected your shipment performance because you can’t verify the amount if this is the GIRO payment.

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