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Why newsletters are important to your business?

This is the best way to connect you to your customers or to whom are interested in your online store.

In the past, all online sellers would keep sending newsletters on new arrival stocks or new promotion offers to all their customers. But now, the trend has changed. We have so many social network platforms now, all of your customers can keep track of your activities from those social networks. You have to change they ways on how you use this useful features for your online business.

The list below is the circumstances that I would recommend you to use the convenience of newsletter:
1 Your online shop is closed for maintenance as scheduled or during emergency circumstance.
2 Delay in shipping due to holiday seasons, public holidays and etc.
3 Launch or announce a new service or a new type of product category in your store .
4 Contact information has been changed or updated.

Currently, you don't have to create an official newsletters and send them via email.  You can simply post all of the newsletter on Facebook Fan Page.

Please note that, once a new buyer became your customer, never imagine they will only purchase once or twice from you. They might purchase from you anytime again. You should ensure that they are aware of all the changed on your online store.

You can use newsletters to announce the news on your online store to everyone regardless those who haven't yet become your customers. People might not be interested in reading all of the messages you send to their email inbox, but it will be great if all of the targeted customers see it. Please take note that, you only send important messagers not spam mails to your customers.

If the buyers are interested in your online store, they will read those messages in their emails, read post on your social network or visit your website for more information

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